Help with Relapse Prevention in Great Neck, NY



We are the bridge between entry into recovery while transitioning into a 12 step program.  After the initial contact with our office, we get started by helping you with a successful Relapse Prevention Program. Our practitioners are accredited and licensed professionals, drawing from their vast resources to equip you with the tools to accomplish your goals.

The backbone of our service is the weekly one-on-one session where we work with you on your recovery process. This valuable session is complemented by a weekly group meeting. There, you gain insight by exploring how others are working the program. You get to share your thoughts and feelings while discovering how others are dealing with early recovery.




Your Initial Contact

You recognize that Relapse Prevention is a necessary step in your recovery and begin a meaningful, confidential dialogue with us. We explain our role in your recovery while zeroing in on exactly what you need.

The Benefits of Individual Sessions

This is your time, where a licensed professional will concentrate on your unique circumstances for a full hour every week.

Benefits of Group Sessions

There is a special strength that can be found in sharing your experiences with people who know what you are going through. You can learn from others, and might be surprised at how much others can learn from you.