About The Company


Recovery from addiction has challenging obstacles, relapse being one. A slip can be all it takes to undo months or even years of success. ONTRACK is a  support base to give you the tools necessary to get you through the rough times. With an array of tools and our support, you’ll have what you need to manage this trying period of your new life.

We are not a long-term program. Our goal is to help you navigate through early recovery. We’ll do it as a team, because recovery isn’t something to do alone. It’s a “WE” program, drawing on the experiences, strength and hope of those who have come before you. After a few months at ONTRACK you’ll be in a stronger place to live life on life’s terms. And if you ever need ONTRACK again, we’ll be here for you. This is a relapse prevention program that strengthens your recovery.


About Our People

The people at ONTRACK are licensed, certified professionals. Our staff is dedicated to helping you through the early stages of recovery.