Getting sober is hard. Staying sober is harder. Whether you have just finished treatment or decided to give sobriety another try, ONTRACK is for you. Transitioning from an intensive structured approach may feel overwhelming, ONTRACK’s professional staff will be there to give you the greatest chance for success as you move through this process of change.

How you’ll do it
The challenge now is staying clean and sober and transitioning into a 12-step program. A relapse prevention program is a vital tool to anyone in recovery. You need to work on developing strong coping skills to prevent relapse. Our program is simple. It starts with a free phone consultation. We then set you up each week with a one-hour individual session and a 90-minute weekly group session.

When you have the relapse prevention support of ONTRACK, you have a better chance to improve your quality of life.
Think about what recovery means to you:

-Time to enjoy your children and family
-Better relationships
-Self-motivation and  energy to pursue your life’s goals
-Control of your future